W6 Edge Cloud Control

An integrated platform enriched with unique features ranging from industrial IIoT devices to the Cloud. With comprehensive connectivity support.



Explore the powerful infrastructure of W6 Edge Cloud Control: modular devices, reliable communication, and military-grade cybersecurity . Learn how the W6 Edge IoT device and the other components of the platform work together to create the digital bridge between machines and the Cloud.


Discover our innovative W6 Cloud Control platform: seamless integration, intuitive virtual templates, and advanced features. Explore the strengths, including the powerful Frontend and the Integrated Data Lake. Optimize IoT device and facility management with us!


W6 Edge Cloud Control enables the transformation of physical devices into digital models, simplifying operations and improving plant efficiency.

Data aggregation & detail

W6 Edge Cloud Control provides access to detailed data and in-depth analysis, which enables the discovery of new perspectives.

Machine learning

W6 leverages artificial intelligence to extract insights from data, adapting to new situations and guiding informed decisions.

All the benefits of W6 Edge Cloud Control

Discover how W6 can transform the way your company works today!

One interface 4 more design

Unique Interface for Multiple Devices

Single Sign-on

Simplified Access with Single Sign-On

Learning Curve

Dynamic Learning to Optimize Performance

Multimaster Edge

Edge Computing for Maximum Efficiency

Direct Alarms

Real-Time Automatic Alerts

Advanced Data Structure

Advanced Data Structures for Efficient Management.


Automated Security Audit


Guided Pathways Through Automated Tools

Who we are

Connext is a company at the forefront of industrial automation and advanced IT services. Our vision is to shape the future through W6, a cutting-edge digital platform that combines automation industry with Cloud Control. Our mission is to lead the evolution toward highly automated systems, optimizing services, preventing failures, and promoting energy efficiency through the intelligent use of data and technology. Connext is the ideal partner to transform the way you operate in industry.