Welcome to the revolutionary era of W6 Edge Cloud Control. 

Our platform is the meeting point between industrial automation and cloud computing, creating a powerful marriage will redefine the way you operate.

With an architecture spanning three interconnected levels, we are ready to take you to a new and exciting dimension. At the fundamental level you will find the devices that bring life industrial and commercial systems. On the other side of this reality extends the power of the Cloud, a network of interconnected services capable of meeting every professional challenge

Areas of operation:

From the point of view of architecture, the platform is developed on a general model encompassing three areas by fully covering two of them. The area not covered covers for obvious reasons the field controllers, that is, the electronic devices on board the machines that control their operation.


Explore the powerful infrastructure of W6 Edge Cloud Control: modular devices, reliable communication. Discover how the heart of the system, W6 and other hardware components work together to create the digital bridge between machines and the Cloud.


Discover our innovative Cloud-Edge platform: seamless integration, intuitive virtual models, and advanced features. Explore the strengths, including the powerful Frontend and Data Lake integrated. Optimize the management of your IIoT devices and facilities with us!