Fully integrated at the Edge level and incredibly intuitive, it offers aunique experience at every stage of the process of creating virtual models for devices and implants.


Cloud-Edge Integration

Maximizes efficiency and reduces latency through integration between the cloud and edge devices.

Extraordinary Intuitiveness

Even if you have no technical experience, you can create virtual models quickly and easily.

Simplified Model Construction

From data collection to implementation, the process of creating models is easier than ever.

Advanced Data Analysis

Extract meaningful insights from your virtual models and real-time data.

Powerful Automation

Improves efficiency by automating processes and decisions based on virtual models.

Security Guaranteed

Your data and communications are protected from outside threats.


We support a wide range of devices and systems, ensuring compatibility with your existing systems.


We tailor the platform to your needs, from smaller projects to large-scale implementations.


The heart of the W6 platform is its outstanding Frontend. This core component provides an application with a fully customizable dashboard that highlights, in an immediate way, the status of systems in alarm. It also allows service employees to plan and manage their work in a highly efficient manner.

Integrated data lake

The W6 Cloud automatically builds within it a data lake to store large amounts of various types of data in a highly flexible environment. This data can come from a variety of sources, including sensors, enterprise applications, social media, IoT devices and more. A data lake is an ideal starting point for artificial intelligence (AI) because of its ability to store data of various types, including raw and unstructured data.

If you are looking for an innovative way to optimize the management and control of your IoT devices and facilities by creating virtual models for simulations, monitoring and data analysis, our platform is the solution for you.